Why I’m Glad I Bought a Garminfone

There are three Garminfones in my family and it’s my fault.  But that’s OK, because I still think it was a good call.  Here’s why:

  • Navigation – we have the best of both worlds.  When 3G coverage is good, we can use Google navigation OR we can use Garmin navigation.  When 3G drops out, we can still use Garmin navigation.  Google users are out in the cold.
  • Android – in spite of the howls of “only 1.6,” it is still an Android phone.  And it works great.  Hopefully the promised 2.1 update will make it even better.
  • Included – how many other smartphones come with a car cradle?  That’s a $25.00 add-on for everyone else.  How many other smartphones come with a car charger?  That’s another $19.95 add-on for everyone else.  So that’s roughly fifty bucks I didn’t have to spend after buying this phone.

Those three reasons are enough for me to feel real good about my decision to buy this phone.  And the thing just works.  It’s hard to feel bad about that.


About gsanders

Greg Sanders writes reviews and articles for technical sites and blogs. He also works hands-on with production audio and video technology, lending his hand to installation projects all over the US.
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