Searchable PDFs with Draftsight

Here’s a quick tip that took me quite a while to figure out.

If you want to be able to search for text inside your Draftsight drawings be sure to use all TrueType fonts.  In the Styles Settings menus of the Preferences menus, you’ll find where to select fonts for text styles.  Replace every occurrence of a  .shx fonts with a TrueType font, and when you print to PDF you will generate searchable PDFs.

So simple, but it’s not documented in very many places.  Now it is documented in one more.


By the way, this is another extremely useful part of my Mac-based Draftsight system. (CUPS-PDF)

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The Key is Flow.

Go with the flow.  You’ve heard it all your life. There’s a reason for that.

Whether you are a Baptist or a Buddhist or none of the above, your life is regulated by the movement of everything around you.  That is a fundamental definition of flow.  Artists and industrial engineers understand flow. We all benefit by enhancing our awareness of the motion of things around us.

Those moving things can be machines, assembly lines, people, conversations, information, the visual flow of color or geometry.  In Pro A/V, flow is seen in signal flow, diagrams, cable paths and the placement of gear in control rooms and racks.  Those who understand the flow are more able to create pleasing and functional layouts.

For the installer, prints and diagrams that flow logically make life easier.  Being able to follow the signal path easily on the one-lines reduces guessing, mistakes, delays and frustration.  In the end, everyone in the job flow benefits.

Try to think systemically when you do your work. Try to see the motion in your system and try to understand how it flows. Then try to add your puzzle pieces so they compliment and join the flow.  Sometimes it can be as simple as a clear cross reference symbol on a line drawing, or the placement of a piece of gear so its connectors are easily accessible.

It helps to remember this, the flow will go with you or without you.  Learn to find the flow and go with it.

- – -


Going with the flow sometimes takes you where you don’t want to go. I am in no way suggesting that is good. When you are working with others on a common goal, however, finding the flow of the project and joining it makes everyone’s life and work easier.  Then, in the details of your part of the project, see the movement and seek to understand how your contribution will fit well into the flow of information or materials or people, or whatever it is that you are responsible for.

What you do will either enhance the flow of the job or it will divert or block.

Choose wisely.

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